This week has flown by!

In the kitchen:  Two of my brothers stayed with us as they were passing through to go home.  My brother, Jacob, experimented in the kitchen with gluten free baking.  This is a new area of cooking for him.  He’s done some baking for my sister-in-law who is highly allergic to soy, dairy, pork, watermelon, and apples but hasn’t baked gluten free before now.  Because of all the rave reviews he got about his baking, he’s actively putting together a cookbook.  Go Jacob!

Gabriel:  Today, I put Gabriel down on his back in his Pack n’ Play and turned around.  When I turned back around, he was on his tummy.  He rolled over one more time for me but when I tried to film it for daddy, this is what I got:

Visiting:  Along with two of my brothers visiting for a few days, Gabriel’s nouna (godmother) also came to stay with us over the weekend to bring Gabriel to church for his third Sunday after his baptism.  (In the Orthodox Church, the newly illumined is brought up to Holy Communion by their godparent for three Sundays after they are baptized in their baptismal clothes, for children at least, and with their baptismal candle.)  I was pleasantly surprised at Cassandra’s dedication considering she lives in Massachusetts!  She went above and beyond any expectations I had for a nouna who lives out of state.

Before she left on Monday, she hesitantly told me that my house reminds her, in a good way, of the Weasley’s home.  She told me that we warmly welcomed her into our home and made a place for her to sleep regardless of how many people I already had in my home.  (My brothers were here at the time also.)  I laughed.  If I was ever to pick a character in a book whom I relate myself to…it would be Mrs. Weasley.  I told Cassandra I now just need Mrs. Weasley’s clock.  Do you know how many times I wish I had that clock?!  More than I can count!  It would be calming to know when Les has landed safely, when he’s actually on his way home, that Niki arrived safely to her destination, etc.  I’ll just call my house The Burrow from now on.

Creating:  I’m teaching myself how to do hand embroidery.  I’m going to use it on the Christmas ornaments I’m making for our tree.



Niki is working on a project that’s due later this week.  She has to make something you can wear using 100 of the same item plus one item to attach it all.  (The attachment cannot be any type of glue or tape.)  She’s using coffee filters and brass brads.  The child in her is quite excited.  This is the type of thing she did all the time as a little kid.



Sharing:  I’m putting together an Internet shower of sorts for my brother’s family.  I’m really hoping you will join me and help them out!  I will be posting information about it later this week week.

Soothing:  We just finished The Secret Garden in the boys’ bedtime CD rotation.  We are now moving on to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

In the Yard:  Well…everything in my garden is officially dead now except my garlic and strawberry plants after an evening freeze this past week.

The chickens are going through their first molt (loosing feathers to grow new ones) and we haven’t had any eggs from them in close to two weeks!  (This is normal.)  I might actually have to buy eggs again.