Wishing all of you a joyous feast of the Nativity of Christ!

Although not all of my plans for Christmas were completed, (ahem – let’s see – Christmas cards, presents for godparents, seeing Christmas lights with my kids, or reading all the stories I hoped to read to them each night) we still had a wonderful and blessed Christmas. Gabriel seems to be trying to teach me to focus on the most important aspects of life instead of trying to complete as many tasks as humanly possible.  It’s a hard lesson for me.  The lesson of…letting go completing many things and just focusing on a few (and doing them well).

Most importantly, I need to remember that we were all able to go to church together because daddy was home and not at work.  That’s huge.


Gabriel is with us this Christmas.  That’s a miracle in and of itself.


And…I was able to sneak in a wee bit of Christmas baking with my kiddos.


I am even able to share with you what would have been our Christmas card picture in this extension of my heart and home.  Merry Christmas everyone!