My brother’s family has had a joyous & rough couple of weeks. Their third child, Eliana, was born two weeks ago – a precious Christmas gift.

They’ve been living at the hospital almost continuously since then. In the past two weeks, everyone except Daniel have had to go to the emergency room. Yesterday, my nephew was hospitalized via ambulance from the pediatrician’s office.

Daniel & Basil were spending the night at the hospital while Melissa was caring for Sophia & Eliana at home who were also sick.

Around 2am this morning, Basil woke up Daniel & told him, “The girls are hurt. The girls are hurt.” Referring to his mom & sisters. Daniel told him it was just a bad dream & they were fine. He took Basil to the bathroom & then checked his phone & found a text from his wife saying they were on their way to the ER.

Sophia had 105 fever & Eliana was having breathing trouble. Sophia was treated for the fever & Eliana was hospitalized.


Basil & Eliana are a few rooms apart so Daniel & Melissa can switch spots as needed.

Would you mind taking a moment right now & saying a prayer for their family that they have a speedy recovery & are able to find a way to pay for all the medical bills associated with this?  Their names are Daniel, Melissa, Basil, Sophia, & Eliana. Thank you!