I’ve forgotten that I used to post these little antics when the boys were little.  Here’s one for nostalgia sake:

It’s so incredibly rare for Les to go to the grocery store with me.  Either he’s out of town and I have all the kids in tow or he’s home and I get a glorious trip to the store with just me or me and the youngest child.  (I’ve been known to call my mom and tell her – I got to go to the store with just two kids tonight!!!!  Sooo peaceful.)

So anyway, all of us except Niki went to the grocery store the other night.  I asked Les to go get a couple of things while I was looking for something.  He had Gabriel in the baby carrier and two of the boys automatically followed him without saying a word.  I turned around to notice Zach had stayed behind with me.  I told him, “You can go with dad if you want.  It’s okay.”

He explained to me, “But then you’d be all alone.”

Melt. my. heart.

Love.  It’s hidden inside that boy and sneaks out every once in awhile.


When we sit down and watch a show as a family, the majority of the time it’s a cooking show.  It’s our thing.

On the way out to the van, Chris asked me, “What are we having for dinner?”

I answered, “Vegetable lasagna without the pasta.”

He thoughtfully responded, “So basically a decomposed lasagna?

I started laughing which made him a bit self conscious.

“What did I say wrong?”

“It’s deconstructed not decomposed.  You just said food that was decaying instead of separated.”  Then they all thought that was hilarious.