Here we are having our third ice storm of the season.  Everyone’s thrown off this morning because I’m making a big brunch on a Sunday morning.   The roads are horrible, ice has encased all the trees, and more ice and snow are forecasted for the rest of the day.  We made the call to stay home from church this morning.  I’m not sure what’s throwing all of us off more – eating breakfast on a Sunday morning or purposely staying home.  As I sit here and type, I’m listening to the clink, clink of ice on the window beside me.  Once again, we’re going to miss Forgiveness Sunday Vespers.  But…we have our family tradition of Family Forgiveness Night so it’s not a total loss.  Please forgive me if I have hurt or offended any of you.  It was truly not my intention.

I find myself being even more reflective than normal as the beginning of Lent approaches.  Sooo much to be thankful for and oftentimes I take it for granted.  Soooo much for me to improve in myself.

For example, as we were heading up to bed last night and we were passing Chris’ room, Niki asked me, “Did you know Chris reads his Bible to Justin every single morning?”

What?!  How did I miss this?!  Niki gets up at 6am a few times a week for school so she hears the boys as she goes back and forth between their bathroom and her room.

She continues, “He does it seriously too.  He even does a deep voice when Jesus is talking.”

Huh.  I need to just relax.  They’re taking in what I teach them even if many times it doesn’t appear that way to me on the surface.


Just lost a tree across our driveway due to the ice storm.