Hopefully anyway.  I cannot believe it has been almost two years since I’ve done any type of road trip with my family. That is completely unheard of for Les and myself.  It was never our purposeful intent when we got married to be a constant traveling family, but that has been our life since getting married…that is until two years ago.  For various reasons, the boys and I just haven’t traveled any farther than daddy’s work which is 2 hours away from our home.

My niece, Eliana, is getting baptized in Boston.  She is doing much better these days.  It appears that she has a mild case of sleep apnea and things seem to be under control now.  We have not seen her in person yet so we’re hoping to drive there soon.  Before we can go, my van needs some TLC and I need to find someone to watch the chickens.  I’m determined though.

I started a history unit with the boys in anticipation of our trip.  I’m looking forward to showing them around where we lived for four years while my dad was going to seminary.

Our last road trip was a L O N G one.  It was so long that all of us were burnt out on being in the car when we got home.  We did over 60 hours of actual driving (not including stops) in a little less than three weeks.  None of us even wanted to sit in the car to go to the grocery store when we got home. Six months later we were all yearning to go on another road trip.  Hahaha

I’ve been thinking about all the places my kids have seen.  It’s quite extensive.  One of the perks of having a dad that’s a pilot is that you tend to travel a lot – although it has it’s draw backs as well. Nothing is perfect.

These are in no particular order:


Falconing in Ireland


Aquarium in Atlanta


Bahamas – The beach was nice but we agreed that the Bahamas is overrated


Basil’s baptism in Wisconsin


Hollywood – We went to California for a wedding.  We didn’t have any money to do anything so we went to the beach and took the kids to Hollywood where we played a game of taking a picture with our names.  The kids loved it!  Most of the time, our exploring on the road is free or cheap.  It’s the rare exception that we spend money to do something.  We have a big family after all – but it’s never stopped us from exploring and seeing lots of stuff!


The Alamo in Texas


Battleship Texas in Houston when we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa


The Riverwalk in San Antonio


Conner Prairie in Indiana – It didn’t go over so well.  It was HOT and the kids just couldn’t enjoy it with the heat.


Dover, England


London, England


Fantastic Caverns in Missouri – we stopped on our way to Grandma and Grandpa’s house


Dad had a conference in Florida and we tagged along.


Gatlinburg, Tennessee 


We went to New Mexico for my brother’s wedding via an RV.  We were stopped for the night at a KOA somewhere in Texas.


My sister-in-law’s chrismation in Tulsa


Montezuma’s Castle in Arizona – We went to Arizona for my grandpa’s 90th birthday


New York – Boat ride to Ellis Island


Niki took up knitting because of our long road trips – This is at a rest stop somewhere in New Mexico


Papou’s 90th birthday – Arizona


Sunset Crater, Northern Arizona – To this day, my four oldest kids say this is their #1 favorite road stop.  We hiked through the old lava flows of an extinct volcano.


Les and I took a bootcamp course through The Travel Channel in Washington D.C. and learned professional video editing.  We have plans to take up our video editing again for a project in the works.  Filming starts next week!


Air Show in Dayton, Ohio


Flying from Tulsa, OK back home with all six kids – Remember that whole not perfect thing…yeah…this photo holds a story.

I’m soooo ready for our next trip!