Phase I:  Complete.

We moved our first load of stuff to our new home yesterday.  The rest of our stuff will be moved when Les can get a few days off of work – so… unknown at this point.  I’m getting everything packed and prepped but I simply cannot do all of it.  Taking stuff apart and actually moving it is Les’ department.  The two of us make a good team.


My college students had projects they needed to work on this weekend so they helped load the truck when we asked for help.



My big boys were a huge help as well over the weekend.



Les and the boys unloaded the truck at our new house in less than an hour while I was at the grocery store with Gabriel!  They were waiting on me so I could help Les carry a mattress upstairs when I got back.  Go boys and dad!!!


Now it seems more like our home.

Phase II:  In Progress.

The chickens.  Well…we thought they were all leaving on Tuesday and it ended up that none of them left.  We listed the chickens on Craigslist and had 6 offers on them – two of which were an hour after we listed them.  We were stood-up by the Craigslist man yesterday morning.  In addition, it decided to pour yesterday which put off the other person taking the chickens because she’s also taking our coop. They would have had to take down and put up the coop in a downpour yesterday.  So…it worked out that it rained because otherwise we wouldn’t have had a place to put the Craigslist chickens for the night without a coop.


The big boys were prepping the coop to be taken down by shoveling out the floor of the coop.  They got a treat for it.  But…they’re going to have to do it one more time now.  Such big helpers!


The boys helped Les prep the chickens for transport early Tuesday morning in the rain while I watched from the comfort of the deck.  So sweet they let me stay out of the rain.

It’s all working out in the end even if there are little bumps along the way.

Hopefully the new Craigslist person comes tonight, as agreed, to pick up seven of the chickens.

Phase III:  The Big Move.  TBA