The first Craigslist person who agreed to buy half of our chickens stood us up.  The second man came the following day and left with 7 chickens.  He was a sweet man, maybe a little older than myself.  These chickens were his family’s first chickens as well.  He had an “elaborate chicken coop” all set up and waiting for them.  Those chickens went to live on a 150 acre farm.  There will not be any lack of roaming for them!  This sweet man even sent Les an email later that night telling us that the chickens were all tucked peacefully into their new home and doing quite well.  Awwww!  That was a kind gesture on his part since these chickens not only gave us eggs but were also our pets.

The second half of our chickens went to a friend of ours.  But…a couple of days before she came to take them, one of them mysteriously died.  We’re not sure the cause but Niki found her in what initially appeared to be an all snuggled up, sleeping position.  We don’t know if she was egg bound, if a hawk picked her up and dropped her, respiratory problem, or what caused it.  Sad though.  Thankfully Zach N. came over and helped Niki bury the chicken since we were at our new house for the weekend.

Five chickens left this morning to go live with a friend of ours.  It’s going to be strange not having the hens rush up to the back deck anymore when we open it.  I already find myself wondering what to do with my fruit and veg scraps.  I need to get back into the habit of tossing them in the compost pile again.  I wonder how long it will take us to get out of our chicken routine.  For months after Lily died, I found myself checking to make sure she had water before I went up to bed.

Eventually Phase III will commence.  Can I just tell you how excited I am about the school area I’m setting up in our new house?!  I’m not a classroom exclusive homeschool parent (the world is our classroom) but the classroom is our home base for learning.  I’ve got ideas galore and have been planning it out for a couple of weeks now.  Giddy with anticipation!