Deep in the depths of the big move, Les gets a text that he has to fly on moving day.   Sigh…

Time for a change in plan.  Nothing new for us.  We need to grab all the big stuff and fill the moving truck as best as possible before we left that night instead of the next day.  The rest will have to wait until later.  We had to unload the truck before Les had to be to work at 3pm the next day.  I’m so thankful to Niki, Zach N, & Andrew for helping us load the truck.

We pulled out of our driveway at midnight for our two hour drive to our new home.  It was a looong day with the promise of a strenuous following day.

I just have to admire my husband out loud for a moment.  This man.  He has bruises across his arms, legs, and on the top of his foot from moving.  He helped lift every single heavy item we owned – twice.  I knew his muscles were sore.  I knew he was exhausted!  But…he didn’t sleep in that following morning.  He wanted to make sure I was set up with anything I needed before he left on his trip.  He slipped out of bed to let me sleep in and started to unload the truck himself.  I came downstairs to find my kitchen table put back together and ready for me to feed my family breakfast.  This man.

A co-worker was able to come over and help Les unload the truck.  The two of them took care of all the heavy and big stuff while our boys were in charge of all the boxes and small stuff.  They knocked out the move in 4 hours unloading the biggest truck UHaul has to offer.

Before Les left for work, he also hooked up my washer and dryer – only to find out, the dryer was broken.  He tried.

He just had a two day trip this time so I focused on unpacking some boxes and starting to set up the kitchen again the first day.  The next day, I went back to Kentucky to grab more stuff and clean up.  Les and I flipped roles a bit that day.  I worked all day and then drove back to Indiana in the evening while he got home before me and was working around the house.  That drive.  Goodness.  I always worried about Les driving home when he had worked all day.  I had every right.  It’s just long enough to be too long, especially when you’re tired.

I knew how worn out he had to be from moving a couple of days prior.  There was no denying it as I talked to him on the phone and heard it in his voice.  I fully expected to arrive home and find him passed out on the couch.  Instead…I came home to find he had put all the beds together, put the trash on the street, did a load of dishes, and cleaned up our bedroom.  He did this in two hours!  Can you tell he’s excited to have us here?!  We haven’t truly lived together for three years. Three years.  This move is a big deal.  Les continues to make sure he does things that he knows mean a lot to me – little things – personal preferences of mine – that show me he’s thinking about me or making sure I’m set up to take care of our family.  I could eat him up I love him so!

Today, I’m going to focus on unpacking and getting stuff set up.  The boys are enjoying some carefully selected educational shows today for school while I work – much to the joy of two of them and the chagrin of the other.

Gabriel loves helping mommy unpack.  Mommy is tolerating it so she can get something done around here.

Niki and I are trying to find our new normal.  It’s weird in the evenings now.  That was always our time together – listening to her day and talking about it, watching a show, or working on a project side by side.  There’s a silence there now that I’m trying to adjust to and it’s going to take some time.  Every stage of your child’s life has aspects of it that you love.  This stage with Niki is one of my favorites.  I’m getting to see the fruits of all my years of work as I see her begin to go out on her own.  I also got to see how much she appreciates me the last time I went to visit her – telling me how much she missed talking to me and the dozens of thank yous as I went to the grocery store and paid for her groceries.  Hahaha

It’s all coming together.


We hung up posters and icons in Zach’s room yesterday