Inevitably, when change occurs in our family, uncertainty follows.  Remember that situational trust I talked about awhile back?  Yeah…our situation changed, therefore testing the limits and being reassured that mom and dad are not going anywhere are in full gear.



Do I really have to deal with this…again?

It’s one of those things where I expect it.  But…I never seem to just get used to it.

The other day, I went back through and read some of my foster care/adoption posts.  I don’t tend to go back and re-read my stuff but I needed it.  There was one in particular that was soothing.  Not my own words.  Someone else’s. 


A lady wrote about planning a trip to a foreign country.  She meticulously researched and dreamed about the places she’d go and the things she’d do.  She boarded the plane but as the plane was descending and preparing to land, the flight attendant informed the passengers that they were landing in a different country.  Not a single one of them had anticipated this nor were they prepared for it.  There was no way to leave this country.  They were simply stuck there.  Many of their neighbors, family, and friends all frequented the country they wanted to go to but they were never able to go themselves.  There was disappointment.  Maybe even a bit of resentment.  This was not the plan!  This is not what they wanted!  This was not what they dreamed about for so long!

As time progressed, they learned that this country had some good points.  Even some beautiful aspects.  They even made some new friends.  Ones they might never have met otherwise.  They still longed to go to their original destination though.  That never left them.  But…they learned to see the beauty in their current destination.


I think all of us have faced this at one point or another.  The realization that something unexpected happened that changed everything for you.  Everything.  No matter how much you didn’t want the hand dealt to you, it was yours.  You’d better figure out how to play it.

I’ve seen far too many people try to ignore what they didn’t want to deal with.  I’ve seen it eat them up inside even to the point of taking it out on others or losing the ability to rejoice in the joys of those around them.

We have the choice in how we deal with our life.   We choose whether to take a deep breath and find the beauty that is around us or find every little fault and failure because we didn’t get the ending we anticipated.  We have the ability to get up and make the most of what we have or sulk into a corner and wish we had something “better”.

It’s not easy.  Far from it.  It takes everything we have to even get up and attempt to try.

What I’ve found most profound about it all…it forces us to face our relationship with God.   The lack thereof (and the effort to keep it that way) or the desire to seek strength and comfort from Him.