…since I’ve had a story like this one about my day.

In fact, I think it’s good for me to have one of “these days” once in awhile (once in awhile!) so I can see how far the boys have progressed since those early years.  It’s been quite some time since Maple Syrup Lake, Sam’s Club Folly, The Case of the Missing Toilet Water, The Quest for a Bigger Pee Guard, or Operation Who’s More Stubborn – You or Me.  Don’t get me wrong…we still have stories on a regular basis – they just don’t tend to be quite so dramatic anymore.

I should have known better though.  Today started out with such ease.  I only had three kids and no dogs.  There was a calm about the house this morning and afternoon that we haven’t seen in awhile.  (In related news:  Stay tuned for a special edition of “Where in the World is Dad?” – coming soon!)

Our puppies were scheduled to be fixed today.  Les and I do not desire to become breeders.  Nope, we don’t.

So with that, we took them to the vet at Petsmart this morning.  I picked up Plum and Luna early this evening.  On the way out, I had Chris take Luna by the leash (the runt of the litter – 24 pounds this morning) and I take Plum (the giant of the litter – 42 pounds this morning).  I quickly noticed that Plum may have had a wee bit too much anesthesia.  She was still very much out of it when I picked her up.  So much so, she refused to walk out of Petsmart and to the car.  I pretty much had to drag her because I cannot simply lift her up with the fresh stitches on her belly especially when holding Gabriel and there was simply no coaxing her.

We are walking in the street in front of the store before getting to the parking lot when Luna decides she needs to go potty.  I’m trying to scoot my kids out of the street, pull Plum, and tell Chris to get out of the middle of the street so everyone is safe.  In the midst of all of this, some lady walking out of the store yells out to me, “Your dog is pooping!  You need to take her to the dog area over there.”

Um.  Are you blind to my situation here?  You see me carrying a toddler, with a dog that’s refusing to move, with my child in the middle of the street with a dog going potty, and another child by my side.

“Chris, stand in that parking spot and let her finish going potty.  I’m going to put Plum in the car and come back to help you.”  (My van is maybe 4 parking spots down from him.)

Mind you, I have no doubt this lady heard the conversation between me and my son but she repeats louder to me, “Your dog is pooping in the street!  You can potty her over there!”

Really?!  If this is such a big concern of yours, it would have been much more helpful for you to say, “Would you like me to help you with your puppy since your hands are full.  I can potty her right over there for you real quick.”

Yes, that would have been much more helpful.  Thank you.

Instead, by the time I lifted Plum’s front paws and then her back paws into the van and gave her a gentle nudge, Luna was done and I told Chris to just come over to the van and get in.  A car had already run over the poop when I glanced around so I wasn’t going to scrap it off the ground at this point.  My limit.  I’m sorry lady.

Sigh.  This is not how I anticipated this pick up.  I should know better!  I’ve mothered 7 children!  I’ve had multiple pets.  What part of anything with children and animals ever goes the way you anticipate?!

Oh…but my story does not stop there.

A few minutes into the 15 minute drive home Chris tells me, “Moooom!  Plum just peed.”


At the stop light, I fished out every spare napkin I’ve ever saved from going through the drive-thru.  I told Chris to put it on top of the pee and I’d deal with it when we got home.

Then the smell smacked us all in the nose.  It’s 48 degrees outside and I’m driving down the highway with the windows partially open and the heater now running.

A few minutes after that, “Mom!  Luna just peed and it’s rolling towards my feet.”

Really?!  The vet said nothing about losing bladder function.  I look around to see if I possibly missed any napkins to hand them back to Chris.  Nope.  He already used all of them on Plum.

Improvise Jenny!  You’re good at this!  Think. Think. Think.  Awww yes!  Diaper wipes!

“Chris, put as many as you need on it so it stops rolling around.”

We get home and Luna immediately goes inside and lays down on her bed without any desire to go outside.


Oh Plum.

She was so out of it.  I couldn’t pick her up because of where the incision was located.  I didn’t want to hurt her.  I tried nudging her out of the van.  I tried clapping, whistling, praising.  She was not going to budge.  There she stood right behind Gabriel’s carseat and there she was going to stay.

I finally got her out by getting a cracker and bribing her towards the door where I finally got her front paws out and on the ground.

I got both of the dogs settled and then immediately went to the fancy car wash place to clean my van.

My boys asked for smoothies on the way home.  I stopped this time.