Last week, Les was presented with an opportunity to bring someone with him on his next trip.  The owner specifically put in his paperwork that the pilot could bring someone with him – as a gesture of kindness.  It was very kind, indeed.

We decided Zach would get to go with dad.  We pulled him to the side and explained the trip to him and told the other boys that we’d play “Where in the World is Zach?”




Zach was helping to clean up the plane after the passengers got off.


Dad has a daily food allowance from work while he’s on his trips.  He had Zach create a spreadsheet keeping track of how much they were spending to stay in budget.  We tell the boys all the time that they’ll need math and reading for any job they choose so this was a perfect opportunity for him to see it in action.


They had a special treat one night and ate at The Melting Pot because they were able to eat breakfast free at the hotel.



I got a text last Thursday morning (my name day – St. Zenobia) from Les and Zach.  They went and found the local Orthodox church, took a picture in front of it (no liturgy that morning), and told me Happy Name Day.  I. LOVED. It!!!


They went to the Naval Air Museum.




Zach brought along some school work to do at the hotel while dad did his paperwork.  For the first time EVER I’m getting him to voluntarily read. He’s eating up the Eragon series!!


Someone had caught a shark and it was hanging at the dock.  They learned later that it belonged to the owner they flew down there!

DSC_0027 Zach LOVED the white sand at the beach.


They went to an Irish pub.  At this pub, people would sign a dollar bill and give it to the pub where’d they hang it up.  The pub had over one million dollars hanging up on it’s walls and ceiling!





We use FaceTime on our phones, iPad, or laptop to play Where in the World.  It’s so nice because when Les goes out of the country, we can still talk to him for free. (Think Skype but the Apple version). He just needs a wi-fi connection to use it.


This is our Where in the World is Dad station. It’s almost done. I need to complete a few finishing touches.



Zach has been Mr. Chatterbox ever since he got home!

So where did Zach go for 5 days with dad?  Destin, Florida!