Christ is Risen!

For the past few weeks, I’ve let my blog fall silent.  I’ve been quietly thinking about words that were spoken to me about my blogging.  In haste, my crushed emotions deleted post after post while crying.  In those moments in front of my laptop, I was sure I’d never publish another post about my family ever again.  Soon after, two other people also used what they knew about my inner thoughts from my blog against me as well…thinking they knew me better than they did.  Thinking my strength was weaker than it is…trying to justify their own actions.

It left me contemplating for days and days on end.  How long am I going to blog?  Until my children are grown with children of their own?  What are my goals with writing?  What are my goals in daily life?  What impression and example am I giving?  Is it accurate to my daily life?

I’ve answered many of my questions but am still wrestling with how much I will blog about our family life.  We’ll see what happens.


It’s interesting to see what does and does not make me feel old these days.  Seeing photos of my nephew with a date for prom, makes me feel like time slipped away from me and I aged decades in a glimpse.  Stepping into Bright Week, also known as Wedding Week this year, for Niki’s wedding doesn’t make me feel old at all.

It’s been such a long time coming for these two.  They’ve known each other since they were 8 at summer camp.  Les was Zach’s camp counselor for years!  They’ve liked each other since they were 12.  I still remember that very first time Zach called Niki and I did the happy dance in the other room while she talked to him.  They started hanging out at each others’ house when they were 15 and it wasn’t until they were 17 that they went on their very first date without parents along.  Now as they both approach 22, they are finally getting married.  I’m so excited for the two of them!

I’m ready!  I’ve been working on everything for months now and there’s only a few small things left but I’ve got it all planned out when they are getting done.  All this week, I was a powerhouse doing laundry and packing for our trip during the day and then services in the evening.  Yesterday was a bit of a crunch for me.  Basically because my shopping took longer than anticipated which threw me off…but it all worked out so it wasn’t a big deal.

Before leaving for the Resurrection service last night, I was cooking bacon in the oven for when we got home.  I forgot about one batch while I was getting everyone ready and the smoke detector reminded me about it.  Oooops.  Les said it was salvageable so I put it on the plate with the rest of the bacon and kept going.  I think when you’ve fasted from meat for 40 days, you don’t want to waste any even if normally we’d just toss it calling it a casualty of being busy.  It’s one of the many things you learn while fasting – to appreciate the food you have and not waste anything…especially meat.

When we got home from church, I warmed up the bacon and told everyone to take one piece and pass it around the table.  The first layer of bacon was fine.  Then the paper towels were removed to reveal the next layer.  It got to Gabriel and he took one look at it and said, “Ut oh!” and refused to take a piece.  So we had Ut Oh Bacon to break the fast at 3:30am this morning.  If the two year old notices it was overcooked, it’s pretty bad but nobody else at the table was willing to let the bacon go to the trash can.  Hahaha.

Blessed Bright Week to Everyone!!!



Wedding favors for Niki and Zach’s wedding.  I worked on them after everyone went to sleep for several nights.


Holy Week.  When Gabriel insisted he wanted to be an altar boy too.


He fully intended to march up onto the altar and Symeon wasn’t going to be left behind!


Dyeing our eggs using yellow onion skins


Our eggs



Chris on Holy Friday


Zach on Holy Friday


The boys had an egg hunt in the yard tonight.  Big boys in the back and Gabriel in the front.  I figure it never hurts to fine tune the boys’ observation and finding skills.  It took the big boys close to half an hour to find the eggs I hid for them.  Mwahahaha.







We also learned this evening that our neighbors are Russian Orthodox when our neighbor, who was doing yard work, asked us what the boys were looking for in our yard.  He has a heavy accent and is around our parents’ ages.  He didn’t know about the American tradition of Easter Eggs so Les was trying to explain it to him.  I have no idea how long they have been in the U.S.  How neat is that though?!