After getting home from Indiana, we pretty much just plopped everything down and hung out with our parents the week after the wedding.  Not much of anything else was accomplished that week other than visiting with family until they continued on southward for home.  Last week, was all about starting to tackle the “After the Wedding” to do list.

The wedding was beautiful!  Aside from three of our family members having to miss the wedding because they were incredibly sick – we missed them immensely!!!! – everything else went smoothly and as expected.  I have to give a huge thank you to four people who helped me the day of the wedding so I could stay with Niki.  Thank you Aunt Connie, Becky, and Cassandra for putting the flowers in the vases and onto the tables for the reception!!!!!  I wanted to do it so badly and I tremendously appreciate you texting me photos and Facetiming me so I could see the tables before the reception!!!  Also, thank you to my sister-in-law, Christina who did some last minute tailoring for some of the wedding party and hiding of a stain before the wedding!!!  All of you enabled me to take pictures of Niki, Zach, and the wedding party at the conservatory before the wedding and to also enjoy the day without rushing around. Thank you!

That wedding reception!  It was beautiful.  It was was fast.  The fastest four hours of my life!  I tried my hardest to visit with all of our guests but time rapidly slipped through my fingers.  I didn’t even finish my own dinner!  Hahaha.  On top of enjoying our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding reception, God mended two of my close relationships that night which had sadly suffered over the years. Such joy that evening!  Such joy!

Enjoy a small sampling of photos from Niki and Zach’s wedding:


I tortured these two for a bit before letting Zach turn around and see Niki for the first time.  I took several photos.  Mwahahaha.


Zach was so cute.  I saw him cry several times on his wedding day.



Zack & Niki Wedding 469


I told Les I was jealous of him.  These two were so adorable as they both teared up.

Zack & Niki Wedding 493


Zack & Niki Wedding 514

Zack & Niki Wedding 541

Zack & Niki Wedding 561

Zack & Niki Wedding 545



Zack & Niki Wedding 623

I didn’t realize my brother took this picture until I was transferring photos into Dropbox tonight.  This is just after I stopped holding on to Malaki and Justice telling them how much I missed them.  If I was to title this photo, I’d call it, “A Mother’s Sorrow”.


Oh yes, she did.  And he was kinda shocked.


Where we held the wedding reception



Zach and my cousin, Becky


Zach, my sister-in-law, Christina, and her son, Jake


Jake did NOT want his picture taken


I. love. this. man.


How cute are they?!


I’ll love you forever sweetness!


My brother-in-law, Nick, dancing with his newborn daughter



We are a group of friends who all met via pilgrimages we took together.  Many of us are now koumbari.