The big boys have gone to grandma and grandpa’s house for the week.  It’s just the four of us.  I’m seizing the opportunity to play “little boy games”, reorganizing some areas of the house (areas where it’s not Symeon proofed and some school stuff for the big boys), making time for date nights with Les in the evenings – watching a movie or quizzing him for his upcoming test, and working on writing my presentation for a conference later this summer after Les and the boys have gone to sleep for the night.

Every time Les goes to training to get another type rating for a new airplane (think a flying license for different types of aircraft), he’ll get a sheepish grin on his face just before asking me to help him with flashcards.  When pilots are tested, they have to have facts and procedures memorized so they can move quickly and efficiently in flight or an emergency.

I won’t lie, I used to grumble a bit before helping him.  This time around…I actually look forward to helping him.  The amount of times my husband has helped me with something, never complained once, and did it because he genuinely wanted to help me – I finally realized this was my opportunity to do the same for him.

I was attempting to quiz him for his exam.  (Try quizzing someone on a foreign language that you know next to nothing about – it’s hard!!!  But I was determined to try!)  All these years…and I had no idea the amount of information Les had to memorize in order to pass his check ride!!!  Goodness gracious!!!!!!  Give me the flashcards please!  At least I could quiz him on that stuff.  Try quizzing him over pre-flighting the airplane when you have no idea what the buttons do, where they are located, or what you need to turn on in order to push back from the terminal so you can tell him, “You skipped ___.”  Yeah….

The epic fail was when I attempted to embrace my teacher side and ask him a question not on the paper.  “Do you use the GPU (Ground Power Unit)  in flight or on the ground.”  (I hope my father-in-law doesn’t fall out of his chair laughing.)  Les’ response, “I’d need an awfully long extension cord to use it in flight.”  Yeah…I cried, laughed, and apologized profusely the second he said it.  Give me the flashcards!!!

I told Les I now had an appreciation for all the times he told me he really wanted to help me (with something around the house or with the kids) but he just didn’t know what to do.  In quizzing him, I completely understood.  We have different areas of expertise.  Different areas where we spend the majority of our time.  Different areas where we research, study, and find the topic fascinating.

Les has told me multiply times, he’d rather deal with an engine fire in flight rather than try to figure what to make for dinner, then make it, all while watching our kids.  I think most all of you will side with me on this one but I have a much better understanding of his statement now.


The other day, I sat outside with the little boys for a good two hours watching and playing with them in the water.


Gabriel was sitting and playing, until…







You’d have to convince me otherwise that Symeon didn’t look up to watch the airplane too.  These boys.  I’m telling you, the love of airplanes is genetic.



This week – we have another walking boy!  Symeon laughs and smiles when he’s standing on his own or walking across the room pushing one of his toys or buckets.  10 months old!!!  I have a feeling this little one is going to be my super climber.  My life is about to get even more interesting.



You can’t see it in the photo but Gabriel has the nozzle of the hose spraying into the air, raining water on the grass and sidewalk.  It’s a fine mist.  He was running through it but he doesn’t like water in his eyes.  (He kept using my shirt to wipe his eyes as he ran past.)

So he came up with an ingenious way to guard his face – all on his own!




Hahaha.  I love all of them so much!!!!