So, we have this bug…probably multiple of this bug.  You see it and your initial reaction is to smash it with a shoe because the thought of that moving anywhere near you is skin crawling.

But…they’re fast.

The other night, I was sitting on the end of my bed reading by the light of the soft glow from the bathroom.  I see this bug scurry across my carpet from the linen closet to under my dresser.  I decided to ignore it because I wanted to read instead of chasing a bug.  Besides, I didn’t want to wake Les trying to catch it.

I go back to reading.

Then I see a spider running out from under my dresser as if I’m trying to catch it…but I’m not.

The spider is running towards my closet and it’s pretty big.  Um…yeah, no.  I don’t want to be putting on clothes that have a spider hiding in it.  So I get up to take care of it only to realize it’s a brown recluse.  Definitely no.  You’re gone.

Then I decided to look up this mysterious bug online.  I type in “missouri bug” and Google pops up…”missouri bug with lots of legs”.  THAT’S THE ONE!  Click.


Turns out it’s a house centipede and they eat spiders (among other bugs).  The brown recluse was literally running for it’s life from the house centipede.

Good house centipede.  You may stay.

We usually see them in the basement.  The boys try to catch them but rarely succeed.

After reading up on them, I’m torn.  They eat all the bugs I don’t want in my house but apparently their bite on humans is like a bee sting in the terms of pain.  Poo.  The boys have been instructed to not kill them but scoop them up and put them outside instead.  Eat those nasty bugs our lovely house centipedes but don’t bite us!

I’m enjoying learning all about our new home here in Missouri.  Les knows how much I loved Kentucky and didn’t want to move away from it but I really, really love it here.  We all do.