by Jenny and Les

Inspired by our children when we had to choose whether to laugh or cry.  


Chapter 1: You Know Nothing

Chapter 2: Seriously, You Know Nothing!

Chapter 3: Things Under Control? Here’s Your Next Child

Chapter 4: Why Are They So Different?

Chapter 5: Where’s This Village They Keep Talking About and Can I Send My Child There?

Chapter 6: Is This Twitch Noticeable?

Chapter 7: It’s a Conspiracy

Chapter 8: It’s a Good Thing You’re So Stinkin’ Cute!

Chapter 9: Are They Really Asleep?

Chapter 10: Can We Uninstall the Military Grade Radar?

Chapter 11: Date Night – Laundry Mat When Your Washer Breaks

Chapter 12: Date Night – Emergency Room

Chapter 13: Date Night – Grocery Shopping

Chapter 14: Morning Coffee Dates

Chapter 15: Those Moments When They Put Everything Into Perspective

Chapter 16: Oh, the Messes They’ll Make – Why is it Wet Here?

Chapter 17: Oh, the Places They’ll Explore – How’d He Get Up There?

Chapter 18: The Secrets to Getting Stuff Done

Chapter 19: When Time Out Doesn’t Work

Chapter 20: Healing Snuggles

Chapter 21: Things You Never Thought You’d Hear Yourself Say

Chapter 22: Things You Never Thought You’d Have to Deal With

Chapter 23: How to Survive the Next Day After Being Up All Night With a Sick Child

Chapter 24: Eye Rolling – So It Begins

Chapter 25: When Their Actions Enter the Realm Beyond Words

Chapter 26: Patience is Learned Through Opportunities, Not Gifted

Chapter 27: You Reap What You Sow

Chapter 28: Parents’ Sanity: Faith, Hope, and Love

Chapter 29: It’s Worth It