I had a request yesterday to hear about how Niki and Zach are doing in New York. This is their 4th (out of 5) required internships before they graduate. The finish line is in sight!

They are enjoying it for the experience it is. A different lifestyle.

Their rent is astronomical. Just imagine a number and cringe…I’m probably safe in saying that it’s close to double (or more) than what any of you are paying in rent/mortgage. They left their cars back in Ohio – traffic and parking costs. So, they walk, take the bus, or ride the subway for absolutely everywhere they go, including the grocery store. Grocery shopping has taken on an entirely new perspective for them. Now they have to think about not only cost and meal planning but also – Do I REALLY want to carry all of this home? Their furnished apartment did come with a handy dandy small rolling cart. (Think small metal rolling suitcase, but it’s not a suitcase, that you can roll behind you) The Target near them has posted cab fares from their store to the surrounding areas.

Niki has decided that the NY scowl is a front. She’s talked to several natives and they have been plenty friendly once you engage them but the scowl is so you don’t get handed a handful of flyers and pamphlets everyday on your way to work. The scowl is to say “I’m a native New Yorker, not a tourist. Don’t give me one of those.” Hahaha. There’s probably some truth in that. She also says it takes some getting used to that everyone is on constant edge and ready to go into fight mode if the littlest upset occurs around them.

Zach had to be there a week before Niki to start his job. Niki took that week to explore and find her way to and from her job. She was using the GPS on her phone to navigate NY until she used up her entire month’s data limit in just a few days. Then she was forced to figure it out on her own. She decided she would stop and ask for help from women and police officers and it worked well for her.

Their apartment is the nicest they’ve had thus far in their married life. (Home #3 for them) They rented it through Air B&B which was an excellent idea because I know first hand how hard it was to get anyone to rent to Niki for 4 months. This way, the apartment is fully furnished, didn’t have to worry about a lease, and the utilities came included. They heard horror stories from classmates about living in New York and renting. So, in that respect, they did excellent with their apartment and honestly, I think it cost them the same amount doing it through Air B&B (with all the extras) as their friends.

Zach is enjoying his job although I haven’t heard many details. Niki says hers is ok. She doesn’t want to work for a company like that long term. She’s enjoying the experience and having the ability to compare it to Carters but she wouldn’t want to work there after graduation. (Most of you know where she’s working. I’m not going to post it online and let everyone know exactly where my daughter is working. I’m just not going to do that. The mama side of me is nervous enough about her simply living in NYC. If you want to know where she’s working, I’ll be happy to tell you in person or by phone.)

Niki and Zach are enjoying their weekends off and exploring the area. They walked through Central Park for 4 hours last weekend. They’ve also gone to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I have a feeling it will be an experience they always look back on fondly.

Oh! Niki ran into a celebrity last week. She bumped into Amanda Freitag from Food Network’s “Chopped”. Niki LOVES that show so she was quite excited when she bumped into her. So excited, that she was tongue tied. Hahahaha! My Niki! Speechless. I was trying not to laugh out loud when she called me to tell me about it. She was audibly upset with herself and frustrated because she couldn’t get out a single word or ask to take a selfie with her. Poor Niki.