We spent the day at the botanical garden. (aka: More reasons to come visit us) The big boys have a genuine interest in plants (like me) so we actually spent a good deal of time learning and identifying the plants at the botanical garden. Gabriel and Symeon are still at that age of – oh, this is a great place to RUN!

I took them for a special treat at a local micro-creamery afterwards for ice cream. They specialize in small batches and unique flavors. On the rare occasion that we go out for ice cream, we go to Clementine’s.

On a side note, Niki and Zach are leaving New York this week. There are aspects of living there that they will never miss and a few they will miss. Zach N.’s boss gave him a gift certificate to go to Bobby Flay’s restaurant in NY and they used it to celebrate their 1st anniversary. They went tonight and loved it!