Les and I have planned to spend some one-on-one time with each of the boys this summer. We decided to focus our one-on-one time with activities that are of particular interest to each child. There are the obvious benefits with this – kids enjoy special time with mom or dad – but also because it will help us have uninterrupted time to talk about topics surrounding being taken away from their birth mom, which are especially needed lately with hormone changes and learning to deal with strong emotions. ┬áJust all around, it’s been nice to have this special time with them.

Justin really wanted to spend some more time at the botanical garden with me. We spent 7 hours there and it felt like it was only moments instead of hours. So peaceful. So needed.


Map Skills

So often, this guy’s big brothers tend to do things for him…and he willingly lets them. I had him 100% direct me around the garden using the map, even if he didn’t initially go the “right” way. I taught him how to re-orient himself when he got lost.

Leisurely Reading Time

Justin read about bees, while I read my book, as we waited for our salads to be brought out to us at the garden cafe.


At the Children’s Garden, Justin made a face mask using items found in nature.

Nature Study: Bees

Life Cycle, identification, pollinators

Mom & Justin Talks:

We stopped at several places around the botanical garden (especially in the 14 acres of the Japanese garden) and talked for long periods of time. What do you do when you’re upset with someone? How do we tell others how we feel? How do you cool off when you’re upset with someone?

I thought this was a neat way to deal with the rain run off of this Japanese gazebo