Chris and I went to the Art Museum. This was the first time we had been here – and just like many of the city’s attractions, it is also free.

We spent the majority of our time looking at the Impressionists. As far as Chris was concerned, he thought we were simply learning about different art styles but as with all of our mom/dad one-on-one outings, we’re incorporating so much more into them. I worked on techniques to having more self-control with this one. He gets so excited and sensory overload kicks into full gear, that he would have walked through the entire museum in less than 30 minutes, if I had let him.

What do you do when someone tells you that you need to slow down? How do you not rush through everything you’re doing? How can you spend more time looking at something and learn about it without getting bored? How much time do you need to spend on something?

We also talked about the influence of religion on art and the split of the Christian Church in 1054. It’s so easy to draw the connections between art in relation to religion and history.