My in-laws came for a surprise visit on my birthday and the next day, Niki and Zach came to visit for the weekend as my birthday gift. I feel so loved!

Personal Bubbles:

Justin has a particularly hard time understanding where his body is in relation to others. He also has a difficult time controlling his emotions when he’s excited. (Beyond normal childhood excitement) We were picking out my birthday gift (a grill !) and he was playing with Gabriel in the aisle. (I’ll spare you the repeated, “Please stop chasing each other” story.) Anyway, Justin got Gabriel right in the eye with his finger. What we thought was a relatively minor injury turned out to be so much more than that.

Cornea Abrasion:

This is Gabriel’s eye at the E.R. after the doctor had put dye in his eye. The middle part is the scratch. Yeah…I was fine until the doctor freaked out, then I was sure Gabriel was going to be blind. She quickly told Les to get out his phone and take pictures because she needed to send it to the ophthalmologist. Long story short, it was a VERY serious scratch that warranted the eye doctor to come into the office the following morning, on his day off, to see Gabriel. But…it was almost 100% healed when he looked at Gabriel’s eye, which pleasantly surprised him. Glory to God for all things!

Astronomy Lesson:

Grandpa was explaining Zach’s new astronomy charts to him. I was so thankful that my in-laws were here to watch the boys so we could go to the E.R. together with just Gabriel. Thank you!

Strawberry Picking:

We took Niki and Zach strawberry picking. We ate many of them and then made strawberry jam with the rest.

Botanical Garden:

We took Niki and Zach for brunch after church and then walked around the botanical garden for about an hour before they needed to pack and drive home. The best birthday gift of all is definitely getting to see people from out-of-town! Thank you everyone!!!