Classroom Tour in Detail


I realized I didn’t actually show you what Alexa look like in the video.  The black cylinder above is “Alexa” and is Amazon’s Echo.  You can also have her play audiobooks from your account, tell her to add things to your shopping list that is housed in an app on your phone, and ask her news type questions – weather, stuff you’d search online, etc.


Above are projects or activities I’ve planned for this week in addition to our math, writing, reading, and any other learning opportunities that arise or I plan.  I don’t put a day of the week on the lesson, project, or activity on purpose.  It frustrates me to have a list and not get it done.  Therefore, I already have them all planned out so whenever the opportunity arise, we do them.  Sometimes it’s one thing, sometimes multiple, sometimes none that day.  It just depends but we get them done before the week is up even if we need to do them on Saturday or Sunday.

This week:

  • Liturgy for the Elevation of the Holy Cross (The big boys love weekday Liturgies because they get to do the “big boy” tasks on the altar)
  • We received two Try the World food boxes.  We’ll be studying all about France this week.
  • Fr. Thomas Hopko’s 55 Maxims
  • Anatomy: Skeletal System
  • Learning about Holy Ordination


You can read more and see how we use our name day timeline here.


You can read about and see how we used these shelves for all the major feast days last year here.  This year, I’m using it for the upcoming feast day as well as the books we’re using for the week.

From left to right (and top to bottom):


I forgot to mention our calendar in the video.  We use it every day.  I make it every year on Shutterfly.  It has all of our birthdays, anniversaries, name days of our family, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins along with feast days & fasting periods.  My goal is to add all of our godparents birthdays & namedays to our yearly calendar soon.



The boys maps of which states they’ve traveled to thus far.  (Left side: Top – Symeon, Bottom – Gabriel)  (Right side: Chris, Zach, and Justin)  This is in their Road Scholars binder.


In addition to their Road Scholars binder and their Portfolio Binder, I also bring out specific games to play with the boys when it’s either raining or too cold to play outside.  Currently we have a bug and a Bird Bingo game out for rainy days.  Both of them have a booklet with a short explanation of each bug and bird.  The big boys nature journals are also kept here.  I have them sit for 10-15 minutes outside every once in awhile and ask them to just sit quietly and watch.  Then they can draw and give me a few sentences about what they saw.  I also have newsprint paper that I’m hoping to use for homemade newspapers.  The idea is that they get some writing practice by creating a newspaper telling daddy all about what happened while he was gone on his trip.  That’s the intended use anyway.  I hope to try it out soon.